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call this my diary maybe, not so much a blog...i'm hoping maybe somewhere down the road, i will read these again, and think "wow" thank god those days are over...hard to imagine right now, in the midst of the storm. left again last night, christmas breaks my heart, i KNOW you are struggling, i don't pretend to understand the magnitude of your hurt and pain, i just wish i could help you through...2 weeks today, you will enter rehab, i can only pray my hardest that you still will go. I see the pain on your face, i see you sweat need to stop running back to the devil, he doesn't love you, I DO!
You have become a person i don't know anymore, you words are empty and shallow, you not to be believed, where did my beautiful baby boy weren't a spot of trouble when you were a baby and then a toddler...what a joy you were.
I fear everyday for your life...tomorrow we have an interview at the rehab...

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