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Okay my dear son, you've been accepted into rehab starting Jan. 10th 2013.  This shall be the true 'new year' for you...2013 will be YOUR year

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Posted on 03:14PM on Dec 21st, 2012
You have been on my mind as well as your son. God I know what the bond of a mom/son is. I know you had known about my daughter just not sure if I told you about my 25 yr old son. It's a sad/happy
This year is almost over, and January 10th is right around the corner....Soon you will meet your real son. But unconditionally the love is there, I feel it. Cherish all moments, stages, arguments...everything. He was a precious gift that God honored you with. He must truly think highly of you to put you in that position. I know the one day at a time, but, also one minute at a time. Cherish it him all ways and always. He adores you and needs you. But, one thing, please try to heal yourself. You've indeed suffered a loss, but will regain something more than you could have dreamed of. All of my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, love yourself....It's funny how MOM is needed more the older our children get..God Bless....Merry Christmas....and good by 2011!
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